Here Is What You Should Know When You Are Looking For A Passport

16 Jul

Since the year 2011, the United States has implemented numerous security measures that surround traveling. One of the significant changes is all travelers, infant, included must have a valid passport when entering the U.S. When you are applying for a passport you should do it at least two months before the trip so that you can ensure that you receive the passport on time.

The process of applying for the passport for the first time will need multiple steps. To start with you will need to make the application in person. You can do the application of a passport through an agency or official passport acceptance centers like the post office or the courthouse. When you go for the application, you will need to present a certificate of birth that has a raised seals and a list of your parents' names along with a government-issued ID. In case the name on the birth certificate and the ID do not match then you have to give a document that shows the name change. Once you make the application, then you should note that the processing will take around four-six weeks. Visit this link - to more details.

All the minors who are under the age of 16 will be required to make the application in person. They should have a birth certificate with a raised seal that has the names of both parents. In case the child is adopted, or under the legal guardianship then a court order will be required. When applying the minor will need both parents presenting identifications that have been government issued. In case one parent is not present then the absent parent should have notarized form DS-3053 which is a statement of consent. If one parent has sole custody, then a court order will be required. The process might end up taking 4-6 weeks. Discover more how to get a passport.

The travelers who are aged 16 and above and they have undamaged passport issues in the past 15 years may do the application using mail. If there is any name change, then there should be legal proof of the name change application. To renew using mail will take about 4-6 weeks.

If you are in a hurry to get the passport, then you should make use of the expedited service. The service will need you to pay additional fees. It might take about 2-3 weeks. You might also get an overnight delivery at a separate cost.

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